To commission a painting, please send an email to

There are a few things to consider, have a look at the questions below and if you like you can drop me an email with your answers and we can go from there. Paintings usually take me 4-5 weeks depending on how busy I am. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.



Phone Number:

Delivery Address:

Size of Painting:

Out of my artwork you have seen, which are you most drawn to and why? Consider the details or areas that are more plain, the brushstrokes. Whatever you can think of.

What is your vision for the artwork?

What colours would you like to have in the painting? Are there any that should be avoided?

What colour butterflies would you like? Any to avoid? (if applicable)

Choice of colour for the acrylic edging?

Is there a specific deadline you need your painting completed?

4 words to describe your painting?

Is there anything else you want me to take note of?

How did you come across my work?